Human Speech Production Using Interactive Modules and the Internet - a Tutorial for the Virtual University

Klaus Fellbaum,
Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus
Jörg Richter,

Technical University of Berlin



Figure 1:The Human Speech Organ

Demonstration of the vocal tract function
(mpeg or avi - format)
Note: If necessary, install the video-plugin !







Figure 2a : Typical impulse sequence









Figure 2b: Variation of the pitch frequency







Figure 3: Sound Production  




Figure 4a: The Human Speech Production
Figure 4b: Speech Production by a machine



Figure 5: LPC




Technical note

The core of this tutorial is a simulation of an LPC vocoder. The simulation is realized by an Java applet. The main functions of the simulation can be used in any java capable browser, but the microphone feature requires Netscape Communicator 4.0.6 (or later) on the Windows platform and the installation of two files:

  1. Download (with right-mouse-click !) SoundBite.dll and move it into Netscape's Java/Bin/ directory (often C:Programme/Netscape/communicator/Program/Java/Bin/).
  2. Download (with right-mouse-click !) com.scrawl.sound.jar and move it into Netscape's Java/Classes/ Directory (often C:Programme/Netscape/communicator/Program/Java/Classes/).

  3. or

  4. Download, extract the files SoundBite.dll and com.scrawl.sound.jar and move these files into the correct Netscape's directories (see 1. and 2.).

Once the files has been installed Netscape must be relaunched.

These files are based on the shareware product SoundBite 1.0 developed by Scrawl and are supported here with kindly permission of Salman Burkie.

If the recording button is activated and you speak for the first time, one window is started:
Now your own voice can be recorded.

Begin the simulation