Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Using Inter-Component Phase Relations

Siarhei Y. Barysenka, Vasili I. Vorobiov, Pejman Mowlaee

Below, we present some audio samples demonstrating the speech enhancement results obtained by the inter-component phase relations.

Here we present some instrumental prediction for perceived quality and speech intelligibility using the instrumental measures PESQ and STOI, respectively:

- Audio samples -

male speech: ''Lay green at l 1 soon'' in white noise at SNR = 0 (dB):

Female speech: ''Lay Green at P One Please'' in babble noise at SNR = 5 (dB):

Female speech: ''Bin blue at p nine soon'' in car noise at SNR = 5 (dB):

female speech: ''Lay green at p one please'' in street noise at SNR = 5 (dB):