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Bayesian Data Analysis

Reflecting the wide applicability of these methods, the seminar is jointly organized by the working groups of Prof. von der Linden, Prof. Stadlober, Prof. Maass and Prof. Kubin. The student should work on a selected topic and give an oral presentation in class during a 45 minute discussion session. Work in small groups of 2 or 3 students is strongly encouraged.

Suggested topics for seminar presentations

  1. Basic concepts of probability (Von der Linden)
    • Random variable, random vector
    • Probability density function
    • Expectation, moments, cummulants
  2. Statistical signal processing - bayesian data analysis (Von der Linden)
    • Conditional probability, Bayes rule
    • Likelihood, prior, a posteriori densities
    • Motivating applications
    • Bayesian hierarchical models
  3. Hierarchical models - parameter estimation (Koeppl)
    • Priors: entropic, noninformative, conjugate, improper
    • Evidence procedure
    • Marginalization of hyperparameters
    • Evidence procedure versus marginalization
  4. Bayesian inference in Machine Learning (Shutin, Rank, Nessler)
    • Relevance vector machines
    • Gaussian processes
    • Bayesian backpropagation for neural networks
  5. Inverse problems (Frauendorfer, Schwaighofer)
    • Maximum Entropy (Neuber)
    • Outlier-tolerant parameter estimation
    • Form-free reconstruction
    • Adaptive kernel methods
    • Local smoothness
  6. Model comparison
    • Ockhams faktor
    • Bretthorst Prior
    • Comparison to Akaike-criterion
  7. Monte Carlo techniques in Baysian data analysis (Mayer Dieter, Sommer Christian)
    • Introduction, applications, advantages/disadvantages
    • Markov-chain-Monte-Carlo methods
    • Tempering (for bi- or multimodal distribution)
    • Prior predictive value (for model comparison)
  8. Pattern recognition, signal processing
    • Bayesian networks (Pernkopf)
    • Hidden Markov Models (Kubin)
    • Dynamic Bayesian networks
    • Kalman Filter

List of participants and assigned topics

Participant's name 
Von der Linden 
Mayer, Sommer 
Pernkopf, Kubin 

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