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Advanced Signal Processing in Wireless Communications

The seminar is organized by the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory of TU Graz. Students will work on a selected topic, create a self-study WWW document, and give an oral presentation in class during a 45 minute discussion session. Work in small groups of 2 or 3 students is strongly encouraged. The working language will be English.
This summer term's seminar is organized by Klaus Witrisal. Advanced topics in Wireless Communications will be discussed.

Topics will be assigned in an introductory session on Friday, March 10, 14:00 in the Seminar Room, Inffeldgasse 12, 1st floor.

Tentative list of topics

  • Blind Equalization
  • Signal Processing for Positioning
  • Equalizer design for multipath channels
  • Blind multiuser detection
  • Non-coherent and differential detection
  • Particle Filters for Positioning
  • Cooperative Wireless Communication
  • Nonlinear predistortion
  • Echo cancellation for DSL

Seminar schedule

date/time topic
student(s) / downloads
3-3-06 / 17:00-19:00
changed to 14-6-06!!!
Echo cancellation for DSL
Philipp Glatz /  Christian Kranzler

10-5-06 / 17:00-19:00 (1) Blind Equalization
(2) Simulation of fading radio channels
(1) Christoph Krall (slides, paper)
(2) Konrad Hofbauer (slides, paper)
Inffeldg. 16c/II
17-5-06 / 17:00-19:00 Equalizer design for multipath channels
Alexander Leopold (slides) / Martin Wolkersdorfer (slides) (paper)
Inffeldg. 16c/II
24-5-06 / 17:00-19:00 (1) Bayesian Methods in Positioning Applications
(2) Cooperative wireless communication
(1) Vedran Dizdarevic (slides, paper)
(2) Yohannes Alemseged (slides, paper)
Inffeldg. 12/I
31-5-06 / 17:00-19:00 Non-coherent and differential detection
Jimmy Baringbing (slides, paper)
Inffeldg. 12/I
7-6-06 22-6-06/ 17:00-19:00 (1) Sampling Requirements for Nonlinear System Identification
(2) Signal Processing for Positioning
(1) Peter Singerl (slides, paper)
(2) Sarwar Ehsan
Inffeldg. 16c/II
14-6-06 / 17:00-19:00
23-6-06 / 14:00-16:00
Echo cancellation for DSL Philipp Glatz /  Christian Kranzler (slides, paper)
Inffeldg. 16c/II

Place: Please refer to TUG online; Seminar room INW (Inffeldg. 12/I) or Seminar room IRT (Inffeldg. 16c/II)
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