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DSP Principles and Applications in (Wireless) Communications

The seminar is organized by the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory at the Institute for Communications and Wave Propagation of TU Graz. Students will work on a selected topic, create a self-study WWW document, and give an oral presentation in class during a 45 minute discussion session. Work in small groups of 2 or 3 students is strongly encouraged. The working language will be English.

List of Topics

A list of topics and assignment of students to those topics can be found in this pdf document.

Presentations and Self-Study Papers

Topic / 
Speaker  /
Date / 

Fundamentals of Detection Theory I 
Klaus Kainrath 17-11-04  Paper Slides

Fundamentals of Detection Theory II 
Stefan Tertinek 17-11-04  Paper  Slides

Fundamentals of Estimation Theory I 
Sarwar Ehsan  24-11-04  Paper  Slides

Fundamentals of Estimation Theory II 
Vedran Dizdarevic  24-11-04  Paper  Slides

Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection 
Klaus Dums  15-12-04  Paper  Slides

Multi-User Detection I 
Thomas Blocher  12-01-05  Paper  Slides

Multi-User Detection II 
Robin Hofe  12-01-05  Paper  Slides

MIMO Systems I & II 
Dmitriy Shutin  19-01-05  Slides, Part 1  Slides, Part 2

Multi-User Detection II 
Yohannes Alemseged  26-01-05  Paper  Slides

MIMO Systems III 
Christoph Steiner  26-01-05  Paper  Slides

Signal Space Representation of Communication Signals 
Jac Romme  2-02-05  Paper  Slides

Introduction to Higher-Order Spectral Analysis 
Peter Singerl  2-02-05  Paper  Slides

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