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Contact Information

Signal Processing and Speech Communication Lab
Graz University of Technology
Inffeldgasse 12
A-8010 Graz

Tel: +43 316 8734433
Fax: +43 316 8734433
Email: dshutin-(at)

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Ukraine, where in year 1995 I started my undergraduate studies in Dnepropetrovsk State University. Still during my undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Radiophysics I actively took part in different research projects running in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Dnepropetrovsk State University.

I was actively involved in different faculty research projects, primarily in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, requiring development of signal processing algorithms for diagnostic purposes. In 1998 within the project ``Children of Chernobyl'' I developed a medical fuzzy expert system as well as wrote the corresponding data collection and processing software to be used for clinical study purposes.

In 1999 I developed algorithms for automatic classification of gastroenterological diseases based on infrared spectroscopy data withing the project ``Computer-based methods for gastritis classification''. This topic has later formed the basis of my Master Thesis. In my Master Thesis I studied how to extract features of gastroenterological IR spectroscopy measurements that allow discrimination of normal and pathological cases.

Since 2001 I am conducting research as well as involved in numerous teaching activities in Signal processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC Lab), Graz University of Technology.

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In 2005 at the International Conference on Information, Communication, and Signal processing (ICICS'05), Bangkok, Thailand I received the ``Best Student Paper Award''.

Personal information

Since 2006 I am married to Olga and a father to our beautiful little daughter Vera.
I admire the poetry and prose of Joseph Brodsky.
I am also very much fond of photography. Here you can find some of my photos.