Welcome to Phase Processing Lab (PhaseLab)

This website presents the recent updates focused on Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication topic and the recent advances made by the research group called PhaseLab conducted by Dr. Pejman Mowlaee. Here we give a summary for the recent progress made towards incorporating spectral phase information for improved signal processing in speech technology. While the state-of-the-art speech enhancement algorithm pre-dominantly rely on modifying the spectral amplitude information, recent progress demonstrate the positive impact of spectral phase information in signal reconstruction or amplitude estimation. Researchers recently highlighted the role of the spectral phase for speech enhancement, source separation and speech recognition.

Book at John Wiley and Sons

Abstract: The book presents a complete overview on the challenging new topic of phase-aware signal processing and provides a comprehensive guide to Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication. After providing a rich history on phase importance in the literature, the basic problems and required fundamentals of phase processing are described. In the second part of the book, several applications are considered to exemplify the usefulness of phase processing. The book is available for order online at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. with the following links:

Research opportunity at PhaseLab

PhaseLab is seeking to hire research assistants and PhD candidates towards completing a thesis on the topic of Signal Processing for Speech Communication. The positions are embedded in the FWF project P 28070-N33 entiteld "Phase-Aware Signal Processing for Speech Communication" led by Dr. Pejman Mowlaee. For more details on the the PhD positions and to discuss about the topic see here) or just send an email to Email.

Recent Events and Some Background

The following events have been organized to address the topic of phase-aware speech signal processing and its applications:

Audio demos and some listening examples

In the following, we exemplify several recent applications of the spectral phase information for an improved signal processing perfomance. The selected applications are:

  • Speech enhancement
  • Source separation
  • Artificial bandwidth extension
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Speech quality estimation

For further details on these applications, we refer to the following overview paper:

P. Mowlaee, R. Saeidi and Y. Stylianou, "Advances in Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication, Speech Communication, vol. 81, pp. 1-29, 2016.

or the chapters in the following book:

P. Mowlaee, J. Kulmer, J. Stahl, F. Mayer, "Single Channel Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication: Theory and Practice, John Wiley and Sons, Nov. 2016.